Software 20+ years Windows, Web, Embedded.
Wireless 18+ years experience developing wireless products.
Electronic Circuit design using Altium Designer.  
Mechanical Enclosure and fixture design (Solidworks).
Automation PLC/HMI programming, VSD, Servos  
  • Software Dev

    20+ years of experience writing embedded firmware and system level applications.  Proficient in all modern programming languages (Assembly, Visual BASIC, C, C++, C#, Delphi, Java, Lua, PHP, Pyton, etc..)

    Specialize in embedded firmware development using .NET MF and Mono on embedded Linux, and system level software development using the .NET platform.  GUI development expertise with WinForm, WPF, and Qt.

    Provide full service emedded Linux development including BSP development, driver development, custom kernels and rootfs, etc. Specialize in Arm processors with Linux.

    Expert in client/server and cloud based applications.

  • Web Dev

    10+ years experience developing web applications using ASP, ASP.NET, PHP/MySql, Joomla!, and JQuery.

    Data driven applications with MySql and SQL Server.

    On site web hosting in Microsoft Server 2008 environment.

    Complete solution development with web, system, and embedded components.

  • Embedded Design

    Turn-key embedded product development including electrical, mechanical, and software design.

    Key application areas include:

    - automated meter reading
    - automation
    - telecom
    - cellular
    - battery powered mobile devices

  • PLC Programming

    Ladder logic is still the predominate programming language for industrial automation controllers.  In most cases our preference is to use an embedded computer and the .NET framework for automation projects.  However, there are still many cases where customer preferences or legacy equipment dictate the need to code applications in ladder logic.  All PLC brands are supported.

  • Expert Witness

    Experienced expert witness for cases involving RF and wireless technologies. Forensic software analysis.  Complete and accurate reporting of findings.

    100% track record of forced settlement.


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